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[Approved] Hidayat's Staff Application

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[Approved] Hidayat's Staff Application

Post by Hidayat on Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:36 pm

Name: Hidayat
Age: 18
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:57988164
Mic: Headset
What role are you looking for (all roles are at the bottom of the forum): HeadAdmin, Superadmin or higher.
I've been promoted to Admin in a Flood, Minecraft Wars, DarkRP gamemode server and I was the only staff with the longest time with that position. Due to advertising issues, I shall not say it here however feel free to PM me. The server unfortunately has closed down as it has reached its peaked and then came the decline of the server which caused the owner to earn a loss instead of profit.
Besides that, I have made a serious roleplay server, TTT, Deathrun, and Sandbox server of my own. The project on the Serious Roleplay server took me 3 months of non-stop learning and coding as I had no experience in LUA commands before. However I couldn't continue on that project as I lack the free time due to school and other parts of my life eg social life. I had to make school a priority and I did gain ALOT of headaches while working on the project which eventually made me ditch the whole thing.
What does RDM mean: Random Death Match. Killing players without a valid RP reason.
What does NLR mean: New Life Rule. A player may only be able to go back to the location of death once a specific timer is up.
What does RDA mean: Random Arrest. Arresting players without a valid RP reason.
Do you have a staff member to recommend you: No
How long have you been a part of our community: Less than 1 hour
What can you bring to the staff team: I can set a good example as a figure of authority to the players to motivate them to do their job professionally and efficiently. My personal time will be given to the server in hopes for it to improve and grow as a popular community in Garry's Mod. I have extremely high active hours in Garry's Mod, this means I have experienced and had learnt many things throughout my game play. I hope I can share what has been taught to the staff team.
Why do you believe you’re suited for this position: I am very mature meaning I can be extremely strict but professional as to gain more player base and keep the server enjoyable. I am familiar with LUA and ULX codes.  I am a psychology student so I believe I would be capable of trying to understand people to prevent any violent reactions that can disrupt the server and of course, I would at times give myself some time off as I highly prioritize my mental health to keep my reputation high.
Why do you want to become a member of the staff team: I took a vacation away from Garry's Mod and now I'm back with cravings of helping people. I would like to give myself a challenge in order for me to learn and grow as an individual.
How many hours do you have on our server:  1 hour
How active are you usually per day: Weekdays = 3 hours due to school and an important exam coming up. Weekends = more than 13 hours
How many hours do you have on Garry's mod: 4457 hours [high]


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Re: [Approved] Hidayat's Staff Application

Post by Morgan2k1 on Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:42 pm

Approved. We will start you as an admin. Join our discord here:

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